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Behind Luxe Alchemy

Luxe Alchemy Skincare was launched in Detroit, Michigan in 2019 by owner and founder Scheherazade A. Huff. For years, Shar suffered from psoriasis, a cystic auto-immune skin disorder. She tried product after product to help her condition and continually saw no improvement. Other times, she would experience skin reactions because her skin was so sensitive. She had always been drawn to the beautiful packaging of luxury spa products in high-end department stores, but those products never worked for her skin.


Determined to find a solution, she turned to research and her background in botanicals. She stumbled upon colloidal minerals and began experimenting with different formulas. Unlike the countless products she had tried from commercialized department stores, colloidal gold and silver minerals drastically improved her skin condition. She began to create products for not only herself, but also for friends and family members. After falling in love with her products, they encouraged Shar to turn her self-medicating practice into a skincare line, which launched in July of 2019.


Now with a line of over 15 products, Luxe Alchemy offers a luxurious and therapeutic selection of silver and gold skincare, bath and body products tailored to the specific needs of your skin.

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