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The History of Precious Minerals in Cosmetics & Medicine

Precious minerals have been used in both beauty and medicine for over 5000 years. 


Ancient Egyptians were pioneers in cosmetics & medicine. Egyptian royals used colloidal gold as a healing elixir for both mental clarity and skin rejuvenation. Colloidal gold was known for its moisturizing properties when applied to the skin and believed to improve brain circulation and function when ingested.


Across the Mediterranean, the Greeks and Romans were extracting silver and using it for its antibacterial properties. They used these extracted minerals in tonics to treat immune conditions and colds, among other ailments. Topically, they used these same minerals to treat blemishes and other bacterial problems associated with the skin.


Historians suspect these cultural groups exchanged knowledge. Though these minerals are ancient history, their use within the skincare industry continues to this day. This knowledge serves as the foundation of LUXE Skin Therapy’s mission: “To provide holistic skincare, enriched with ancient medicinal alchemy, free from parabens, process and chemicals.”

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