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Ancient Egyptians were the pioneers in what we know today as COSMETICS & MEDICINE, as these products were crafted by hand and served many medicinal uses, as well as beauty applications. 

Eye shadow was crafted by taking precious minerals of amethyst, hematite, lapis, and other colorful gemstones and pounding it into a powder, as eyeliner was crafted from black kohl to outline the eyes. 

Egyptian royals used colloidal gold as a healing elixir for both mental clarity, and skin rejuvenation, as colloidal gold was known for its humectant properties when applied to the skin, and when ingested, improving brain circulation and function.

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Whats In Luxe Skin

The History of Precious Minerals in Cosmetics & Medicine

The age-old concept of using precious minerals for beauty and medicinal alchemy is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years. 


After harvesting, miners would pound gold and silver for hours until it formed into flat sheets (known as leaves), later to be grinded into a powder, or flakes. The leaves were also used as an additive in medicinal antidotes.

Producing precious minerals in liquid form, is a process that involves the extraction of particles through intense electrical heat conduction, which cultivates mineral particle suspension in water, producing a serum.   A serum known today as Colloidal Minerals.

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Meanwhile, across the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, their neighbors, the ancient Greeks and romans were extracting silver minerals and using it for its bacterial properties. 

Milk and perishables were being stored in silver canisters and containers treated with the colloidal mineral to prevent food spoilage.  The tonic was also used for immune conditions, such as colds and other ailments, along with its topical application to treat blemishes and other bacterial problems associated with the skin.

It was known for these two cultural groups to trade and exchange knowledge, and it is that KNOWLEDGE that serves as the foundation of LUXE skin therapies Mission: “ To provide holistic skincare, enriched with ancient medicinal

Alchemy, free from parabens, process and chemicals.”

Within our line of precious, intensive products, may you find the LUXE Skin Therapy, that fits your skins PERFECT needs.

- Scheherazade, Founder & CEO

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