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Whats In Luxe Skin: 

Precious Silver & Colloidal Silver Minerals


Silver acts an organic anti-microbial that neutralizes bacteria and toxins when applied to surfaces and ingested internally. It has been used in Ancient Medicinal Alchemy for centuries across the Mediterranean for its healing and anti-bacterial properties for both the body and skin.

Silver minerals are harvested and applied in two ways: 1. Raw Leafing – a process that involves pounding the precious metal into flats sheets or flakes until they become soft enough to mix, ingest, or apply directly to the skin. 2. Colloidal Extraction – which involves boiling the precious metal through electrolisis to breaking it down into micro  particles that can be ingested or applied topically.

The Healing Properties of Silver


  1. Neutralizes and kills harmful bacteria within the skin’s dermis.

  2. Soothes and tones inflamed skin and pores.

  3. Seals and shrinks pores, while providing a protective barrier from environmental pollutants.

Luxe Skin offers a variety of products infused with precious Silver, colloidal minerals & plant extracts to treat and pamper your skins most delicate needs.  Shop Luxe Skin Silver Now!

Medical Disclaimer:  Although there are documented scientific and medical studies confirming the biological properties of colloidal silver, Luxe Skin Therapies products DONOT profess to cure, treat, or prevent any form of illness or disease.
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